About the Association


Thetford Twinning Association was founded in 1992, and worked with Thetford Town Council to organise formal twinning events with Thetford's twin towns in Spijkenisse in Holland, Les Ulis in France, Hurth in Germany and Skawina in Poland.

The Association was a voluntary group consisting of residents of Thetford and the surrounding area. Sadly, at the last AGM early in 2019 there were insufficient nominations to form a committee. As it was felt that there was not enough interest in the town to continue, the Association will be wound up towards the end of the year, following final events with our twin towns. Members of the Committee who served in 2018 agreed to continue in a holding capacity to oversee these events.



EU Funding

In Europe, town twinning is supported by the European Union and our Association has been fortunate to receive grants from the European Union for two of its events, in 2009 and 2012.


Next Events


In mid-July a group of people from our twin towns will visit Thetford for a final get-together.



The Association's newsletters can be found here.